The First Ever U-Fest  
by Trent Watkins

The adopted title U-Fest for RYC’s Sport boat Invitational occurred when it became clear that all of the Ultimate Boats, Antrim 27 included, would be sharing the same racecourse. This is the first time all three local fleets have raced and partied at the same event. The U-Fest seemed like a great way to kick off the October racing activity at RYC.  The Antrim 27’s and Ultimate 24’s raced Friday-Saturday and Sunday. With the U20's racing Saturday and Sunday. Saturday night in true RYC form they had a Fajita Bar, live music and dancing to keep the fun factor going as long as possible. All three fleets had great flat-water conditions and wind enabling the Asymmetric Sport boats to get up and boogie. As all Asymmetric boats with Antrim blood should. The U20 fleet raced on Saturday (9 boats) and Sunday (8 Boats) making up most, but not all of the actively raced U20’s in Northern California. They had two recent owners and first time One Design racers Frank Gonzalez Mena from Vallejo YC sailing #134 boat named Ay Chuaua and John Wolf owner of Breakaway based at Brickyard Cove. Frank tapped RYC’s Talented Sears Cup JR team for crew!  Nice move Frank! Geoff Gardner Tahoe YC and long time crew Courtney Clark (head of the JR sailing program on Lake Tahoe) set a mean pace around the race course on #144 Ricochet, with John Buchanan and Dave Kitchen from Santa Cruz in hot pursuit on #97 Enigma. John and Dave had plans on Sunday so they left it up to Jim Carlson’s #182 from Clear Lake to take up the chase on Sunday.

Ultimate 20 Results

1.      Geoff Gardner #144 "Ricochet" Lake Tahoe YC

2.      Jim Carlson #182 “Cloud Nine” Knocti YC

3.      John Buchanan & Dave Kitchen #97 “Enigma” SCYC

4.      Trent & Kim Watkins #27 “UFO” RYC

5.      Matt, Steve & Sue Boroughf #94 “Salsa” Tahoe YC and RYC

6.      Bill Andrew #155 “Babe” Gold Country YC

7.      Frank Gonzalez #134  “Ay Chuaua” Vallejo YC

8.      John Wolf #180 “Break Away” Brick Yard Cove

9.      Mark Englehart #2 “Too Tuff” Benicia YC

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