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Reviewers praise the Ultimate 20. But what is really important is what skippers and crew have to say.  Here are a few comments.

"So all right, already. So the U20 is a hoot to sail when the wind howls. Sailors will rave about any boat when it's planing or surfing along in heavy weather. But would you believe the Ultimate 20 has inspired poetry about racing in very light air!"

        While our U20 ghosts around much larger yachts,
        We try very hard not to gloat,
        But, Lord, it's so hard to be humble...
        When we're sailing the world's greatest boat! 

Annonymous U20 owner

"Our first season with the U20 was great. We race nearly every weekend in Chicago. We spent a week off Traverse Bay Michigan day sailing with friends and their kids, followed two weeks later by some pretty intense racing at the Nationals. Then the East Coast Championships in North Carolina. It's the mobility and ease of setup that we love."
Charley Smart, Kindred Spirit
Chicago, IL

"I never thought that a boat as small as the Ultimate 20 could feel so solid and look so big from the cockpit. We really had a great time."
        Michael Turner
                  Royal Victoria Yacht Club




LOA 20 ft. 10 in.
LWL 18 ft.
Draft (keel down) 5 ft.
Draft  (keel up) 9 in.
Displacement 1100 lbs.
Ballast 450 lbs.
Mainsail 205 ft. sq.
Jib 100 ft. sq.
Class Spinnaker 452 ft. sq
PHRF (max. sugg.) 485 ft. sq
Bow Sprit 6.0 ft.


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