Our Boat - Test drive

The only way to appreciate the U20 is to get out and sail. all you have to do is get the tiller in your hand and pick up a bit of breeze, and you're in love. Any U20 skipper will be delighted to introduce you to the U20, so if you see one in your area, stop the skipper and jump on board.

You can also contact the Class Association at U20webmaster@gmail.com.




LOA 20 ft. 10 in.
LWL 18 ft.
Draft (keel down) 5 ft.
Draft  (keel up) 9 in.
Displacement 1100 lbs.
Ballast 450 lbs.
Mainsail 205 ft. sq.
Jib 100 ft. sq.
Class Spinnaker 452 ft. sq
PHRF (max. sugg.) 485 ft. sq
Bow Sprit 6.0 ft.


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