Our Boat - A Closer Look

A close look at the Ultimate 20 will show why we believe this is the best built, easy-to-sail, and certainly the most fun performance boat you can find.

Sailors are amazed at the ULTIMATE 20's easy, precision control. Once you're underway, the sheer acceleration and speed will have the experienced sailor thinking 'multihull.' With just a whisper of wind, the ULTIMATE 20 glides across the water with ease.

Light and Fast:
The ULTIMATE 20 is made in the USA using state-of-the-art technology and traditional hand craftsmanship. The end product is lightweight construction, durability and low maintenance which in combination give you the greatest value for your investment.

Starting with a generous 8'4" beam (2.59 Meters), the ULTIMATE 20 offers comfort one would expect in a much larger boat. the ULTIMATE 20 is a perfect blend for those of you changing from smaller boats, catamarans or even sailboards. for those first time sailors or boat owners looking for a more efficient size, the unparalleled stability and spacious cockpit make you feel right at home.

The cabin comes equipped with a forward V-berth and 2 mid-quarter berths. The unique deck mounted sprit keeps interior safe, dry and uninterrupted (picture below). The cabin will store any amount of gear and give you shelter from foul weather. You'll find the interior a welcome addition for overnighters.

One-Design Class:
Want to race your boat? The ULTIMATE 20 Class Association promotes regattas and publishes class information.  With boats sailing in the US and Europe competition will remain amateur and adhere to strict one-design class rules. The Ultimate 20 was selected by U.S. Sailing for use in the 1996 Mallory Cup Championships.

Perfectly suited for today's small cars and mini-vans, the design of the ULTIMATE 20 allows your present automobile to become the ultimate tow vehicle! The all-up tow weight is under 1600 lbs., including trailer.



LOA 20 ft. 10 in.
LWL 18 ft.
Draft (keel down) 5 ft.
Draft  (keel up) 9 in.
Displacement 1260 lbs.
Ballast 450 lbs.
Mainsail 205 ft. sq.
Jib 100 ft. sq.
Class Spinnaker 452 ft. sq
PHRF (max. sugg.) 485 ft. sq
Bow Sprit 6.0 ft.


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