Our Boat - U20 Reviews

A lot has been said about the Ultimate 20...almost all of it good. About the only bad things are being said by the skippers in the boats finishing behind us.

The sailing press has a lot to say as well. Following are some examples.

Excerpt from Practical Sailor

Excerpt from Sailing Magaizine

Excerpt from The Miami Herald

Excerpt from The Racer's Edge



LOA 20 ft. 10 in.
LWL 18 ft.
Draft (keel down) 5 ft.
Draft  (keel up) 9 in.
Displacement 1100 lbs.
Ballast 450 lbs.
Mainsail 205 ft. sq.
Jib 100 ft. sq.
Class Spinnaker 452 ft. sq
PHRF (max. sugg.) 485 ft. sq
Bow Sprit 6.0 ft.


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